About Sparkle Gift Card

Sparkle Gift Cards are unique gifting solution. It allows you to #GiftAPurpose. You get the chance to give a meaningful gift, and the receiver gets to assign the amount to a cause that resonates with them.

Sparkle Gift Cards are inspired by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which outlines a pathway towards transforming our world into a safer, happier, more equitable place for all. Our chosen NGO partners work in a myriad of allied fields from education, to healthcare to gender parity, and are vetted for transparency, accountability and efficacy.

Your friend, acquaintance or loved one will be empowered to support a cause that resonates with their own personal values, while contributing towards making the world a kinder place. Be it a birthday, an anniversary or a festival, the Sparkle Gift Card is the perfect gift.

Sparkle Gift Cards are managed by AMROSA Cards Foundation which is a Section 8 Company. It is a sister organisation to The Promise Foundation.

Our Values


We will be sincere in our dealings with everyone we interact with, internally and externally.


We are passionate about building this concept in India and taking it global.

Always On

We will listen to and be attentive to the needs of our customers, retail partners and charity organisations.


We will build this venture by being responsible to all stakeholders.


We will exude kindness to everyone.

How It works


You could purchase a Sparkle Gift Card from one of our online retail partners, or from a physical location in future. For now purchase it here.


Sparkle Gift Cards are currently available in three denominations, valued at Rs. 2,000, Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 10,000. The card is activated at the point of purchase. The buyer will be eligible for tax exemption receipt under Section 80G provided they share their PAN number and address details at the time of card purchase. The physical card will be couriered to you, which you may retain or gift a recipient for an occasion.


The receiver can choose to either hold on to the Sparkle Gift Card as a souvenir, or go to the Sparkle Gift Cards website within 21 days of the purchase to donate the amount to a beneficiary of their choice from the list of NGO partners. If the Sparkle Gift Card recipient does not choose a beneficiary from the NGO list, the amount will be equally shared among all participating NGOs.


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