Sparkle Gift Card is an innovative offering where a giver uses a simple instrument to donate to a charity or set of charities by involving a receiver. It serves a simple but powerful purpose of ‘making a difference while making someone’s day’. One may gift friends or acquaintances a gift or just buy them to do a good deed. In the process there is a reduction in wasteful expenditure on unwanted gifts.

The giver will be eligible for tax exemption receipt under Section 80G provided they share their PAN card and address details.

The Sparkle Gift Card, once purchased are non-refundable.

As of now we are associated with the select NGOs mentioned here. Please email us your recommendation, we will look at including it in the future.

No, at this moment the denominations are fixed. One can buy different denominations, mix and match to arrive at a figure that is in the multiples of thousand.