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1) Girl Child Education

Girl child education in India is critical. It empowers girls, breaks the cycle of gender inequality and promotes social and economic progress. Educated girls become confident, independent individuals who contribute positively to their families and communities. They are more likely to pursue higher education, secure better job opportunities and make informed decisions about their health and well-being. Investing in girl child education is a transformative step towards achieving gender equality, fostering inclusive development and building a brighter future for all. Through your support, Concern will reach out to:

  • Students from Grades 7 & 8, either from government or private school whohave shown keen interest for schooling.
  • Students who belong to low income, vulnerable backgrounds like single parent or no responsible guardian or any other pressing socio-   economic constraints.
  •  First generation learners who need the encouragement
  •  Families who do not have any migration plans

2) Supporting Persons with Disabilities

Disability is a significant issue in India, with an estimated 26.8 million people living with disabilities who face various barriers to their full participation in society. This includes discrimination, lack of accessibility and limited access to education, healthcare, and
employment opportunities. We at Concern India Foundation have additionally witnessed the lack of accessible communication and information in various formats, such as Braille or sign language, which further hinders their participation in society. In the area of education many schools lack the infrastructure, resources and trained staff to effectively cater to the needs of children with disabilities. As a result, they are often excluded from mainstream education and have limited access to quality education.

Concern India Foundation’s approach:

Aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 4, we aim to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Early identification and rehabilitation with provisions of special education, life skills and vocational training helps them become independent. 

To ensure their mainstreaming into regular school, provision of required therapies to facilitate growth is required. We partner with the schools to provide this support with  guidance to parents and family members. To enable an all-round development of children with disabilities these services are delivered through extra-curricular activities.