Adding Sparkle to Every Gift: A How-To Guide for Sparkle Gift E-card

Adding Sparkle to Every Gift: A How-To Guide for Sparkle Gift E-card

30 December, 2023


At Sparkle Gift Cards, the power to give is in your hands. The e-card gives you the flexibility to choose any amount  from INR 2000 to  INR 20000, in multiples of 100 to ensure it is  tailored to your budget and preferences.

In this how-to guide, we'll walk you through the process of choosing, gifting, and using your Sparkle Gift e-card—where every card is a chance to add a little bit of sparkle to everybody's life.

The magic of Sparkle Gift Cards is no breakage. If the amount in the card is not redeemed or assigned within 21 days, the entire amount automatically goes to support 10 NGOs. Your contribution never goes to waste; it becomes a force for good, contributing to impactful causes.

The e-card holds no monetary value but serves as a proof of purchase and a beautiful e-card. Your gift is now ready to spread joy and make a difference.

The recipient has 21 days from the date of purchase mentioned on the card to visit the Sparkle Gift Cards website. Using the unique serial number (USN) on the card, they can assign the amount to a cause that aligns with their values. This step transforms your gift into a catalyst for positive change.

The beauty of Sparkle Gift Cards is in creating a chain of giving. The hope is that the recipient pays it forward by purchasing a Sparkle Gift Card for the host at the next celebration. Your gift becomes a spark that ignites a cycle of positive impact.

 The Meaning Behind Sparkle Gift Cards:

Managed by a Section 8 company (a not-for-profit entity), Sparkle Gift Cards is more than a gifting solution—it's a venture with a meaningful purpose. The beneficiary NGOs were chosen inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals, covering a wide spectrum of causes from supporting the elderly to children's rights, animal welfare to environment protection, and beyond. So, when you buy a Sparkle Gift E-card you also become eligible for the 80G tax benefits.

In a world that could use a little more kindness, Sparkle Gift Cards offer a way for everyone to contribute. Join us in adding a little bit of sparkle to everybody's life—make your next gift a celebration of joy, purpose, and positive change.

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 Together, let's make every celebration count! ?