Exciting new gift options now available with a purchase of physical Sparkle Gift Cards

Exciting new gift options now available with a purchase of physical Sparkle Gift Cards

02 May, 2024


We at Sparkle Gift Cards are always looking for ways to make your gifting experience even more meaningful. We have introduced our exciting new gift options to go along with your purchase of physical Sparkle Gift Cards! These maybe added so that the recipient gets to keep something that they can use beyond just having the option to choose a charity to assign the amount paid for by the giver.

The Perfect Add-Ons:

When you choose a physical Sparkle Gift Card on our website valued at INR 2000 or INR 5000 or INR 10000, you have the option to include a gift item on your purchase. The options include a bamboo chip and dip set (INR 600), set of 2 handwoven coasters (INR 800), or a cloth laptop sleeve (INR 1000) – all crafted with sustainability in mind! These add-on gifts are the perfect way to show the recipient you truly care. (These add-ons are available only with SGC Physical Card purchases and not with SGC E-Card or Digital Card purchases)

Empowering Women, Protecting the Planet:

Curated with care, our gift partners are all women-led businesses that prioritise sustainability and eco-friendly practices. When you choose a Sparkle Gift Card with a gift option, you're not just giving a gift, you're supporting these amazing women entrepreneurs while making a positive impact on the planet. Each of these gifts originate from a different Indian state.

Sparkle More Than Ever:

Remember, at the heart of every Sparkle Gift Card lies the opportunity to #GiftASparkle with a purpose. With every purchase, you're contributing to a cause that the recipient chooses from a range of NGOs aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Now, with our gift options, you can further make your gift meaningful while supporting women-led businesses and sustainable practices! Learn more about the partners- EkatraKadamhaat and Veaves

This is just the beginning! 

 We're constantly looking for ways to expand our offerings. So, stay tuned for exciting new additions in the future. Ready to spread the joy of giving with purpose? Explore our gift options at https://sparklegiftcards.com/buy-now