07 September, 2023





Sparkle Gift Card is an idea that has the potential to change the world. An idea whose time has come. The easiest way to be a co-owner of this idea is to imbibe #GiftAPurpose and make Sparkle Gift Card your preferred gift to give and to receive.

We have created a new category of gifting to solve the problem of dilemma and launched a new consumer product to democratise giving. In the process we aim to make social impact a way of life in an innovative way. We count on you to help spread the word about this unique offering.

The entire concept is rooted in being not-for-profit. We have partnerships with ten NGOs in the first phase. There is a flagship product that one can purchase online at sparklegiftcards.com and eventually at several retail outlets of leading brands. These are available in three denominations – INR 2000 (blue), INR 5000 (green) and INR 10,000 (orange). There is also a corporate bundle available of a minimum of 200 cards of INR 1000 or 400 cards of INR 500. These are yellow cards.

Once an individual purchases the Sparkle Gift Card either to do a good deed or to gift it to someone, a giving cycle sets in motion. The card has no breakage, which means if the amount in the card is not redeemed or assigned within the stipulated period of three weeks the entire amount goes to the 10 NGOs so, nothing goes to waste. The physical card has no monetary value. It is merely a proof of purchase and maybe used as a greeting card. So, the buyer chooses a card of their choice and gifts it to a recipient for an occasion. The recipient has 21 days from the date of purchase mentioned on the card to visit the website and assign the amount either one NGO or to all NGOs. This is done by keying the unique serial number (USN) mentioned on the card. The recipient also has the choice to share this act of giving on social media to inspire others. The hope is that the receiver pays it forward by purchasing a Sparkle Gift Card to give the host at the next celebration. 

We also wish that those of you in organisations that have a retail presence may choose to help stock Sparkle Gift Cards at your stores. For all of you working in any organisation, consider making Sparkle Gift Card the gift of choice for birthdays, anniversaries, farewells, festivals and thereby contribute to making our society better. The beneficiary NGOs are inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals, and they cover the entire gamut of the world we live in – from supporting the elderly to contributing to children’s rights, from animal welfare to environment protection and more.

The entity that will manage the Sparkle Gift Cards is a Section 8 company (a not for profit), which makes this entire venture all the more meaningful.

Together, let’s add a little bit of Sparkle to everybody’s life.