Know the difference between Sparkle Gift Cards - Physical, e-Card and Digital Card

Know the difference between Sparkle Gift Cards - Physical, e-Card and Digital Card

15 October, 2023


In a world where expressions of appreciation often take the form of material gifts, Sparkle Gift Card emerges as a unique offering, and not just a token of gratitude. This is more than a simple transaction; it is a thoughtful way to spread joy and make a difference in someone's life. Read on to discover the different forms of Sparkle Gift Cards which would be the perfect, meaningful gift for your loved ones.


1.      Physical Sparkle Gift Cards

Presented in the form of pocket-sized greeting cards, Sparkle Gift Cards make for a charming and tangible gift. The physical cards serve as a tangible reminder of the positivity and appreciation being shared. This card purchased on our website in denominations of INR 2000, INR 5000, and INR 10000 and on purchase will be dispatched to the address of the recipient as a hard copy.


2.      Flexible e-Cards for Every Budget

For those who prefer the flexibility to choose any amount, Sparkle offers e-Cards ranging from INR 2000 to INR 20000, in multiples of 100. This flexibility ensures that the gift is tailored to your budget and preferences, making it an accessible option for everyone realtime. While the e-Card holds no monetary value, it serves as both a proof of purchase and a beautiful digital expression of appreciation. This card will be sent to the recipient’s email address as an emailer.


3.       Digital Sparkle Gift Cards

Much like their physical counterparts, Sparkle's digital cards are available at three distinctive denominations. This card will be dispatched to the recipients’ email address as a soft copy. The digital cards can be downloaded as PDFs, providing a convenient way to carry your heartfelt gift along.

By choosing Sparkle Gift Cards, you're not just sharing a moment of joy with a loved one; you're contributing to a movement that values thoughtfulness, gratitude, and the power of a heartfelt gesture.

In a world filled with generic gifts, Sparkle Gift Cards stand out as a beacon of thoughtful appreciation. Whether you opt for the elegant physical cards or the flexible e-cards, each one is a unique expression of gratitude. Visit today and be a part of the movement to spread joy and positivity through the art of gifting.