More Than Just Marketing: My Journey at Sparkle Gift Card

More Than Just Marketing: My Journey at Sparkle Gift Card

25 May, 2024


The past six months at Sparkle Gift Card have been a journey of creating a positive social impact. Heading the Marketing and Communications, while also being a mom, each day brings a new set of juggling acts. But let me tell you, the satisfaction that comes with this grind is unlike anything I've ever experienced. Sparkle Gift Card isn't just a company that offers charity gift cards; it's a purpose-driven organisation that empowers and uplifts communities. Being a part of that mission has been incredibly fulfilling.

In my role, I've seen firsthand the impact Sparkle Gift Card has on people's lives. We partner with NGOs that work towards various social causes, from promoting education for underprivileged children, healing the environment, to providing skilling programs for women and so much more. When someone purchases a Sparkle Gift Card that supports these initiatives, they're not just giving a gift; they're contributing to real change.

This has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my role at Sparkle Gift Card, it is witnessing stories of transformation through our NGO partnerships. Whether it's a child receiving an education they never thought possible or a woman gaining the skills to support her family, each success story reaffirms our commitment to making a difference. These stories inspire our team to push further, innovate more, and reach even greater heights in our mission to create positive change.

Knowing that our marketing and communication efforts are not just promoting a product, but creating a social ripple effect, is incredibly motivating. As I look towards the future at Sparkle Gift Card, I'm filled with excitement as there's so much more we can achieve in terms of social impact, brand awareness, and customer outreach.

Moreover, being part of Sparkle Gift Card has also improved my multitasking and time management skills, highlighting the importance of consistency, discipline, and focus. Juggling work and motherhood demands prioritisation and resilience, but seeing our efforts yield positive outcomes makes it all worthwhile.

And the best part? I get to do it all while being a proud mom and a part of a truly special team that’s more like a chosen family.