Sparkle Gift Cards unveils First of its Kind solution to address the dilemma of Gifting

Sparkle Gift Cards unveils First of its Kind solution to address the dilemma of Gifting

14 September, 2023

  • The Promise Foundation (Co-creator of platforms such as PRAXIS, SCORE & Reputation Today) will incubate this venture under Amrosa Cards Foundation (a Section 8 company), its Social Impact division
  •  The initiative aligns seamlessly with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), touching upon nearly 9 distinct SDGs, thereby reflecting Sparkle Gift Card's commitment to a better future
  • The flagship collection of Sparkle Gift Cards will available at the price points of INR 2000, INR 5000, and INR 10000, 

India, September 12, 2023: Sparkle Gift Cards, a social impact initiative by The PRomise Foundation has introduced an extraordinary gifting solution that combines the joy of giving with the power of purpose. This unique gift Cards, the first-of-its-kind concept, not only addresses the age-old dilemma of selecting the perfect gift but also extends its support to championing crucial charitable endeavors. It empowers individuals with a thoughtful and socially conscious way to express love, appreciation, and care, enriching their lives, fostering positive change, and supporting charitable endeavors. The launch is perfectly timed ahead of the upcoming festive season, offering a heartwarming and purposeful way to celebrate charitable causes through gifting. 

The launch of Sparkle Gift Cards is a testament to its commitment to making a difference. Managed by the Amrosa Cards Foundation, a Section 8 company-which is a newly created entity and a sister organisation to The PRomise Foundation. This initiative bridges the gap between thoughtful gifting and charitable support. By addressing the needs of both the giver and the recipient, Sparkle Gift Cards embodies a harmonious blend of values and actions, catering to consumers, corporations, and retailers alike. Sarika Chavan, Roshan Alexander and Amith Prabhu are co-founders of this initiative. 

Designed to redefine gifting norms and elevate the act of giving, Sparkle Gift Cards is more than just a token of appreciation- it's a catalyst for positive change. This offering is available on the website The Cards are available at three distinctive price points- INR 2000, INR 5000, and INR 10000. Each denomination is aligned to a specific colour to showcase differentiation in denomination. Currently available in the form of elegantly designed pocket-sized greeting Cards, there are e-Cards being launched in the near future.

Speaking on the launch, Sarika Chavan, Founder, Sparkle Gift Cards says, “At Sparkle Gift Cards, we believe that gifting should surpass materialism and be a channel for impact, allowing both the giver and the receiver to contribute meaningfully. #GiftAPurpose is our focus. This initiative is more than a gift; it's an embodiment of compassion and a fusion of thoughtful intent Hence, these unique gift cards are launched to create a more compassionate and purpose-driven approach to giving, ensuring that each gesture carries the potential to change lives.”

Sparkle Gift Cards’ aspirations extend beyond gifting to encompass a broader social mission. By aligning with almost nine of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the initiative strives to create a positive impact that ripples through communities and causes. 


About Sparkle Gift Cards 

Sparkle Gift Cards, a social impact initiative by Amrosa Cards Foundation, a Section 8 Company. It is a newly created entity and a sister organisation to The PRomise Foundation dedicated to fostering positive impact. Sparkle Gift Cards are a first-of-its-kind offering that stands out as a beacon of thoughtfulness and purpose in a world full of gifting options. Born from the belief that gifts should transcend material value and carry profound meaning, Sparkle Gift Cards aims to emerge as a revolutionary solution. It isn’t just another gift card- it’s a gateway to heartfelt connections and positive change.