The power of corporate India in Giving.

The power of corporate India in Giving.

31 January, 2024


It’s 2024 and we are at a point in time were there is a problem of plenty. At this juncture the Sparkle
Gift Cards idea is attempting to make a difference in the way we give. It’s a simple yet powerful
concept to channelise monetary resources for worthy causes.

Corporate organisations have over a dozen reasons to give to employees. Some of the occasions are
a) Festival giving
b) Farewell giving
c) New joiner giving
d) Birthday giving
e) Job anniversary giving
f) Recreational giving
g) Employee engagement giving
h) Targets met giving
i) Offsite giving
j) Annual day giving

And much more. Most often companies are giving random things or useless items where money
is spent from a budget. While some of that can happen, adding a Sparkle Gift Card will go a long
way in creating an impact and making a big difference. The Sparkle Gift Card is a new category
where the entire amount goes to ten charities. However, the recipient has a choice to assign the
fund to one of the ten charities of their choice. While regular cards come in denominations of Rs
2000 and upwards, corporates can make a commitment of INR 2 lakh and upward and
customised the card value in multiples of INR 500 to get as many as 400 cards or as few as 10
with each having a value of INR 20,000/-

Recently, a leading corporate purchased 400 cards with a value of INR 500 each to give its
employees during its annual awards night. The best part is that the corporate was able to avail
the 80 G tax exemption benefits for itself.

We invite corporate organisations to embrace the power of this simple idea and make it a part
and parcel of sharing with the lesser privileged through an easy and dynamic way. The SGC
revolution is democratising philanthropy. Companies who do not have a concrete CSR
programme may opt to make this a way of life to share wealth with the needy. The best part is
that ten NGOs who are doing genuine work and have been vetted for the same stand to benefit.
They are in ten different genres. You may learn more about the NGO partners here. The cards
are of three types – physical, digital and an e-card. These are explained here.

As the days pass by we invite you to experience the power of Sparkle Gift Cards and contribute
to a better India.